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What you will learn ?

  • Designing logos
  • Creating vector illustrations
  • Turning photographs into vector artwork
  • Vectoring and colorizing traced hand drawings
  • Preparing graphics for web and print
  • Designing info-graphics


  • If you know how to draw simple icons & you already know what an anchor point. Any version of Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
  • preferably the CC (Creative Cloud) version.


1st Class

Introduction & Getting Started to Adobe Photoshop CC
GD-C1/ M1

Introduction to Advanced Adobe Photoshop CC
Understanding the workspace, applications & options Bar.
Exploring Toolbox, Panels & Menus.
Creating a New Document.
Customizing the Interface.
Setting Preferences.

Working with Selections
GD-C1/ M2

About selecting & selection tools
Rectangular & Oval selections
Lasso tool, Magnetic Lasso Tool, Polygonal Lasso Tool
Magic Wand
Quick Selection Tool
Feathering - softening selection edges
Selecting by Color

GD-C1/ M3

Free Transform
Mathematical transforms: Flip, Rotate, Arbitrary
Scale, Skew, Distort, Perspective
Transform with Warp
Canvas Rotation

2nd Class

Photo Corrections
GD-C2/ M4

Image Resolution
Exposure & Balance
Tonal values & Photography
Image Adjustments Options
Levels Dialog Box
Curves Dialog Box
Straightening & Cropping
Using Automatic & Manual Adjustments - Contrast, Shadows
lights, Hue & Saturation
Replacing colors
Dodge, Sponge & Burn tools
Black & White Adjustment Feature

Retouching & Repairing

Clone Stamp Tool & Clone Panel Options
Pattern Tool
Spot Healing Brush
Healing Brush & Patch Tools
Red Eye Removal
Separate Layer retouching
Layers - Auto Align Layers
Spherical Alignment
Layers -Auto Blend Layers
Content Aware Healing & Fills

3rd Class


Adding Type
Character & Paragraph settings
Justification & Hyphenation
Tracking, Kerning & Leading
Warping Type
Type on a Path
Vertical Type

Color Modes

Creating New Color Swatches
Creating Color Blends/Gradients
Applying Color & Gradients

Understanding Layers
GD-C3/ M8

Background layers
Creating layers
Rearrange & editing layers
Opacity & Layer Blending Modes
Linking Layers
Applying Layer Styles
Flattening Layers
Layer Comps
Duplicating & Aligning Layers
Layer Groups

4th Class

Vector Drawing: Paths & Shape

Pen Tool
Using Paths
Saleable Objects
Shape Layer
Importing Smart Objects
Compound Paths
Saving Paths

Working with Clipping Paths

Clipping & Work Paths
Complex Path Editing
Filling & Stroking paths, selections
What is a clipping mask?

5th Class

Creating Special Effects

Using filters
Gamut & Workflow aspects
Stacking Orders & Saving multiple filters
Fading Filters (Opacity & Blend Modes)
Smart Filters
Creating, Saving & Editing Smart filters

6th Class

Creating & Editing Quick Masks

Saving selections as Masks
Alpha Channels
Loading Masks as selections
Editing Masks
Extracting Images
Applying Filter Effects to Masked selections
Creating Gradient Masks

7th Class

Create Advertisements Banner Design

Introduction Advertisements Banner
Create Advertisements Banner Design
Custom for Website etc.

Exporting Your Work

Saving with Different File Formats.
Saving for Web & Devices.
Printing Options.
Frame based animation (GIF)

8th Class

Project-3 (Part-1) 
Responsive Website Layout Design

Introduction to Building Website Template Layout Design
Introduction Responsive Website design.
Sketch Wireframe Website Template Layout Design.

Project-3 (Part-2)
Responsive Website Layout Design

Responsive Website PSD Templates Layout Design.

Adobe Illustrator CC

9th Class
Introduction & Getting Started to Adobe Illustrator CC

Introduction to Advanced Adobe Illustrator CC
Getting started with your Adobe Illustrator advanced tutorial
Understanding the workspace, applications & options Bar.
Exploring Toolbox, Panels & Menus.
Creating a New Document.
Customizing the Interface.
Setting Preferences.

Creating Artwork & Editing Shapes

Selecting & Grouping objects.
Transform & modify elements.
Organize artwork using layers.
Create symbols.
Working with basic shapes.
Using pen and shape tools to create basic geometry.
Combining and editing shapes.
Using Image Trace to create shapes.

10th Class

Colors, Selecting & Aligning

Blending Colors & Shapes

Selecting & applying colors.
Creating color swatches.
Applying & modifying gradients.
Objects – Selecting, Aligning
Working with groups.
Exploring object arrangement.
Applying selection techniques.
Working with blended – Colors & Shapes

11th Class

Working with Type

Creating & applying text styles
Create and manipulate text
Formatting type
Creating & applying text styles
Warping text.
Working with type on a path.
Wrapping text around an object.
Creating text outlines.

Working with Meshes

Create & Apply Mesh
Editing Meshes
Warping Mesh
Adding Transparency to Mesh Object

12th Class

Appearance Attributes, Graphic Styles, Filters & Effects

Using, Adding & reordering Appearance Attributes
Using & Editing Live Effects
Creating, Saving & Previewing Graphic Styles
Applying Graphic Styles & Appearance Attributes to Layers
Warp Effects
Specifying Resolution of Filters & Effects (Print vs web)
Raster Effects Settings

13 th Class

Effects & Transparency

Apply transparency to objects.
Blend elements using blend effects.
Working with bitmaps.
Placing raster images.
Using the links panel to relink and update images.
Tracing images using live trace presets

Organizing Your Artwork with Layers

Understanding layers
Creating layers and sub-layers
Editing layers and objects
Pasting layers
Viewing layers
Applying appearance attributes to layers
Creating a clipping mask

14th  Class

Create Logo & Icon Design

Design Sketching
Creating Logo Design.
Submission Your Design.

15nd Class

Create Business Card Design

Sketching & Wireframe Design
Icon & Info Graphics Design
Submission Your Design

16th Class

Create Flyer Design

Sketching & Wireframe Design
Creating Logo Design.
Submission Your Design


Md. Zayed
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Md. Zayed Uddin

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Hello, I am a creative & professional graphic designer with 17 years of experience. I specialize in Logo, Corporate Design & Branding Design. I love to explore new things and techniques.

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