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What you will learn ?

  • Learn what graphic design is and how to become a graphic designer.
  • Learn graphic design as it relates to Photoshop, Illustrator.
  • Learn graphic design for the web
  • Learn visual communication fundamentals
  • Learn successful layout in graphic design
  • Learn how to get a job as a graphic designer


  • Basic Knowledge of computer.
    Free trial or education versions of Photoshop
  • Illustrator.


Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Graphic Design

What Is Graphic Design?
Can Only Skilled Artists Be Good Graphic Designers?
Areas Of Graphic Design To Explore
What Makes A Design Visually Pleasing
Organizing Information In Your Layouts
Using Alignment To Your Advantage
Setting The Design's Rhythm
Letting A Design Breathe With Whitespace
Creating Visual Interest With Contrast
Designs That Work And Don't Work

Module 2: Building Successful Layouts

Determining The Design's Message
The Terminology  Of Type
Typeface Styles & Resources
Choosing A Typeface Hierarchy
Understanding Colour's Psychological Impact
Building Your Design's Colour Palette
Understanding Colour Spaces
Sourcing Imagery For Your Layouts
Raster vs Vector Graphics

Module 3: The Tools To Put It All Together

An Overview Of The Tools Of The Trade
Alternatives To Standard Industry Tools
Web Design Tools & Software
HTML & CSS: Is It Really Rocket Science?
Getting A Job As A Graphic Designer vs Going Freelance
Getting Started And How To Land Work
Joining The Design Community
Finding Continued Inspiration
Wrapping Up

Module 4 – Getting Started with Photoshop For Graphic Design

Welcome, Here's What We'll Learn
Understanding Raster Graphics
A Crash Course In Graphic File Formats
A Tour Of The Photoshop Interface
Customizing & Saving Interface Workspaces
Opening & Creating New Documents
Zoom & Navigation Techniques
Multiple Undo With The History Panel

Module 5 – Resizing & Cropping Images

An Introduction To Resizing Images
Cropping Your Images
Using The Canvas Size Command
Introducing Free Transform
Getting Started With Selections
Creating Elliptical Selections
Adding To & Subtracting From Selections
Transforming Selections
Floating Selections And Duplicating
Creating Selections With The Quick Selection Tool
Free Transforming Selections

Module 6 – Working With Layers

Introducing Layers
Pulling An Image Off It's Background
Combining Images Together
Rearranging, Resizing & Renaming Layers
Selections & Multiple Layers
Blending Modes, Opacity & Fill Layers
Getting Organized With Layer Groups
Introducing Text Part 1: Artistic Text
Introducing Text Part 2: Paragraph Text
Filtering Layers By Type

Module 7 – Retouching & Color Correcting Photographs

Removing Red Eye From Photos
Removing Blemishes With The Clone Stamp Tool
Additional Touchup Tools: Spot Healing, Healing Brush & Patch Tool
Using Photoshop's Toning & Focus Tools
Using Photoshop's Auto-Correct Commands
Using Brightness/Contrast
Additional Color Correction Commands
Non-Destructive Correcting With Adjustment Layers
Getting Started With Photoshop Filters
Working With The Filter Gallery
Using Filters Non-Destructively
Introducing Layer Styles
Photoshop for Graphic Design Summary

Module 8 – Getting Started With Illustrator CC

Welcome, Here's What We'll Learn
Understanding Raster & Vector Graphics
A Crash Course In Graphic File Formats
Opening, Creating & Working With Multiple Documents
A Tour Of The Illustrator Interface
Customizing The Illustrator Environment
Saving Saving Interface Workspaces
Zooming And Navigation Techniques
Using Illustrator’s Outline Mode

Module 9 – Working With Selections

Using The Selection Tool
Using The Direct Selection Tool
Free-Handing Selections With The Lasso Tool
Selecting Objects Based On Colour
Advanced Selection Techniques
Saving & Reloading Selections
Drawing Rectangles & Squares
Drawing Ovals & Circles
Drawing Rounded Rectangles, Polygons & Stars
Drawing Lines, Arcs & Grids
Drawing With The Pencil Tool (And Erasing Mistakes)
Understanding Vector Paths
Introducing Illustrator Brushes
Using The Blob Brush

Module 10 – Managing Objects

Moving And Duplicating Objects
Rotating, Reflecting, And Transforming Shapes
Precisely Transforming And Positioning Objects
Precise Positioning Using The Transform Panel
Automatically Calculating In The Transform Panel
Controlling Stacking Order
Grouping And Ungrouping Objects
Locking And Hiding
Aligning And Spacing Objects Apart
Aligning To A Key Object

Module 11 – Working With Colour

Methods For Applying Fills And Strokes
Setting Stroke Options
Creating A Dashed Outline Effect
Exploring Illustrator's Swatch Libraries
Mixing And Saving Custom Colours
Creating, Saving, And Using Custom Gradients
Filling Objects With Patterns
Copying Fills And Strokes
Creating Point And Area Type
Importing Large Amounts Of Text
Formatting Text
Area Type Options
Creating Type On A Path
Converting Text To Shapes

Module 12 – Going Further With Illustrator

Introducing Layers
Using Illustrator's Pathfinders
Applying Special Effects
Exploring The Appearance Panel
Saving Your Work In Different File Formats
Saving Your Work For The Web


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