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What you will learn ?

  • Digital Marketing concepts
  • Social Media Marketing
  • website promotion
  • email and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns and
  • integrating digital marketing with traditional marketing
  • Earning Scopes With Your Digital Marketing Skills


  • This Digital Marketing professional training course aims to provide candidates with the skills and knowledge necessary in planning digital marketing campaigns.


This Digital Marketing Training Program provides a detailed understanding about Digital Marketing concepts, strategies and implementation, including planning a website, website promotion, email and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns and integrating digital marketing with traditional marketing.

Covering best practice and using case studies throughout, the session offers a practical guide to the core techniques in digital marketing. Online tools and reference materials are highlighted throughout, enabling delegates to leave with solid hands-on knowledge that they can implement immediately upon return to the office.

Courese Outline

CLASS 1 - Digital Media Basics
•Q & A about Online Marketing
•Introduction to Digital Marketing
•How to structure your marketing plan
•How to segment your audience
•How to segment your channels
•Home Work

Class 2 – Branding
•What is Branding?
•Why Branding is Important?
•How should we brand?
•How to Increase Your Brand Value?
•Color theory & Psychology for Branding & Marketing
•Home Work

Class 3 - Search Engine Optimization
•SEO Basic
•How Keywords and SEO works
•SEO Opportunities
•Tools and Resources

Class 4 - Keyword Research
•On-page SEO
•Technical SEO
•Tools and Resources

Class 5 – Off-Page SEO
•Best and Smart Practice of Link Building
•Competitor Analysis
•Tools and Resources
•Home Work

Class 6 - Social Media Marketing
•Social Media Marketing (Organic)
•How Social Media works
•Why Content Goes Viral?
•Tools and Resources
•Audience Research

Class 7 - Facebook Advertisement Basic
•Business Manager Account Creation and Ad Account Set up
•Pixel Setup
•Ad Creation
•Tools and Resource
•Home Work

Class 8,9 - Email Marketing
•Email Marketing Concept
•Lead Collection
•Email Best Practice
•Segmentation Strategy
•Tools and Resources
•Email Campaign Setup
•Report and Analysis
•Home Work

Class 10 - Google Analytics & Webmaster
•Analytics and Webmaster Tool Basic
•Goal and Event Tracking
•Advance Practice
•Backlink Analysis
•Data Analysis
•Home Work

Class 11 - Google Adwords and Display Ads
•Google Adwords Basic
•Why Adwords
•Live Campaign Setup
•Best Practice
•Tools and Resources
•Home Work

Class 12,13 - YouTube Marketing
•Why Video Marketing?
•YouTube Content Creation
•Keyword Research
•Tools and Resources
•Optimize YouTube Channel Like a PRO
•YouTube Ranking Factors
•Research and Analysis
•Conversion Related Tips, Quick Money Generate Tips
•Home Work

Class 14 - Website Optimization as a Marketer & Mobile Marketing
•How website should look like from Marketing point of view
•Content Structure
•How to Audit
•Tools and Resources
•Difference Between Email and SMS Marketing
•Similarity Between Email and SMS Marketing
•Best converting SMS
•Strategy for Long Run
•Home Work

Class 15 - Content Marketing
•How to be viral With Content
•Advantage of Blogging
•How to Generate more Shares and Engagements
•Home Work

Class 16 - Earning Scopes With Your Digital Marketing Skills
•How Can We Earn as a Digital Marketer
•What is Passive Income
•What Next?


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Nahid Hasan

  • Trainer (Digital Marketing)
  • Digital Marketing Strategist Growth Hacker Head of Business Development at Payoneer

I help people earn more money by growing their career. For the last 8+ years I helped lots of people transform into niche dominators by providing Digitaltal Marketing, SEO training. I believe on creative work more than hard-work.

I have a team with experienced professionals. Most of my time, I spend to develop our SEO and inbound marketing skills.

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