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What you will learn ?

  • What is CPA and CPA marketing?
  • The beginners’ guide to get started.
  • Most Considerable Issues, which will inspire you to choose CPA Affiliate Marketing as a profession.
  • Classifying the types of CPA according to its category.


  • This course will enable you to become a better CPA Affiliate Marketer
  • whether you're new to Affiliate Marketing or simply want to improve.


Course Outline
Day: 1

Session Breakdown:

1. What is CPA and CPA marketing? The beginners’ guide to get started.

2. Most Considerable Issues which will inspire you to choose CPA Affiliate Marketing as a profession.

3. Classifying the types of CPA according to its category.

4. Focusing the most common and well-established CPA Networks who are already dominating:

● Advantages of CPA Networks
● How to get accepted by CPA Networks
● Tips to get approval
● Top CPA Networks to JOIN

5. Choosing the best CPA offers to promote, the easiest and quickest way to turn around.

6. All about CPA networks and best options

7. CPA Payment withdrawal methods

8. Strategy for CPA marketing

9. How Much Do CPA marketers Earn?

10. Why so many CPA marketers failed

11. No.1 fear in CPA marketing

Day: 2
Session Breakdown:

1. Choosing the best offers from your active CPA network to generate successful lead

2. Setting up your domain and website based on different offers of your network

3. Getting traffic to your CPA offers:
● Using the method of article marketing for generating targeted traffic to your offers.
● Application of the Banner Ad traffic generating method to get your targeted visitors
● Finding the best sign up offers

4.Driving targeted traffic to your CPA offers (Extended Version):
● Use of Q/A sites to find offer based topics to participate on
● Creating legitimate and value-added content 
● Offer link insertion to your content to generate good CTR

Day: 3
Session Breakdown:

1. Promoting CPA offers using Youtube Video Marketing

2. Understanding Creator Studio:
● Channel
● Analytics

3.Complete WalkthoughOn:
● Youtube Channel Optmization
● Youtube Video SEO

Day: 4
Session Breakdown:

1. Knowing About Marketing Elements To Make Videos Professional
● Call To Action
● End Screens
● Lower Thirds
● I-Cards
● Intro Video
● Outro Video

Day: 5

Session Breakdown:

1. Finding Best CPA Offers from Multiple Networks

2. Basic Keyword Researching Idea for CPA Offers

3. Why Video Scripting Is Important & How To Make Your Videos Fast

4. More Tips on Ranking Your CPA Offer Video on Youtube

Day: 6
Session Breakdown:

1. Ranking Your Videos on Google (Video Tab Myth Explained)

2. Special Method 1 [Video Link Wheel Explained]

3. Special Method 2 [Your Video Links from Blog Networks Explained]

4. Scaling Up Your CPA Business

Day: 7
Session Breakdown:

1. Practical Demonstration & Knowledge Sharing
● Email-Zip Submit Offers Discussion
● Seasonal Offer: [Bad Example of Landing Page]
● User Info Offer: [Bad Example of Landing Page]
● The Black Friday Gift Card Offer [Explained]
● Cover Girl Eye Shadow Gift Card Offer [Explained]
● iPad Air Gift Card Offer [Landing Page Explained]

Day: 8

Session Breakdown:

1. Practical Demonstration & Knowledge Sharing (Extended)
● NBA Game Gift Card Offer [Explained]
● NFL Jersey Gift Card Offer [Explained]
● Info Product Offer Sample [Explained]
● Why YouTube is the Big Deal?
● Your YouTube Game Plan
● The Secret Sauce – Consistency

Day: 9
Session Breakdown:

1. Understanding About The Use of Custom Landing Page over Product Landing Page

2. Practical Understanding of Special Video Marketing Techniques for Product/Offer Promotion As An Affiliate

Day: 10
Session Breakdown:

1. On-page optimization for Affiliate site.

2. Off-page optimization for Affiliate site.

3. Structuring Content for Your Affiliate site.


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Toufiq Rayhan

  • Trainer (Affiliate Marketing)
  • SEO Local SEO Social Media Marketing Affiliate Marketing

Toufiq Rayhan is a SEO, Local SEO and Affiliate Marketing Expert in Bangladesh. He is a marketing Consultant and a Part Time marketer in USA based websites. He started his training career in the field of Internet Marketing in the year 2015.

He is work now assistanc trainer of BITM and Affiliate Marketing trainer at Technobd. He complete 50+ batches sucessfully in SEO, DIgital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing field.

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