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What you will learn ?

  • Designing logos
  • Creating vector illustrations
  • Turning photographs into vector artwork
  • Vectoring and colorizing traced hand drawings
  • Preparing graphics for web and print
  • Designing info-graphics


  • Anyone can join this seminar.


Whether you are a student who is considering dabbling in graphic style as soon as you escape college or you are in your 30s and would really like to change professions, look no farther for the best guide about the best way best to be a graphic designer.
As a Fantastic jumping-off tip for Anybody interested in learning more about the Intricacies of becoming a graphic designer, then this manual is divided into three segments:
Recognizing Graphic Design — You cannot be good at graphic layout unless you’ve got a straightforward comprehension of exactly what it does and exactly what graphic designers should accomplish.
Learning Graphic Design — Know about the top rated graphic design publications to see, online tutorials and courses which are worth every cent, and in which to locate graphic design inspiration if you will need just a little nudge to begin.
Graphic Design Careers and Salary — Understand what graphic designers actually do on the job, learn what a day in the lifespan of a graphic designer at 2019 (since what graphic designers did five decades ago might have changed) resembles, and breaking up the myth of the starving artist.


Md. Zayed
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Md. Zayed Uddin

  • Graphics Designer

Hello, I am a creative & professional graphic designer with 17 years of experience. I specialize in Logo, Corporate Design & Branding Design. I love to explore new things and techniques.

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