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Program Includes

Hardware Support (i.e. Raspberry Pi, Sensors, Actuators, Robot Chassis, Relay, Others)

IOT Server Support

Robot Building Project

IOT based System Building Project

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What you will learn ?

  • Introductory Robotic System Development
  • IOT based System Development
  • IOT Client Server Communication
  • Python for Embedded Systems
  • Basic overview of Embedded Hardware
  • Sensors Working Principle
  • Motors Working Principle
  • Relay Wireless Switching Principle
  • Raspberry Pi Interfacing
  • Raspbian Linux Distro based CLI
  • Obstacle Avoider Robot Building
  • Developing IOT based Green House Controlling & Monitoring System


  • Knowing the basics of any programming language (preferably Python)


Class 1: Overview of Python Language syntax.
Class 2: Introduction to Raspberry Pi Minicomputer & Raspbian OS.
Class 3: Overview of Sensors i.e. Ultrasonic Sensor, PIR Motion Sensor, Temperature &
               Humidity Sensor.
Class 4: Overview of Actuators i.e. motors
Class 5: Introduction to relay, power supply, Using relay as Switch
Class 6: Interfacing with LCD Display
Class 7: Building obstacle avoidance robot
Class 8: Raspberry Pi & IOT Communication Protocols
Class 9: IOT Server Connection in Raspberry Pi
Class 10: Building Internet of Things
Class 11: Building Remote Green House Control System based on IOT
Class 12: Future aspects of Robotics & IOT


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  • Trainer (IoT & Robotics)
  • Internet of Things Development Robotic System Development Raspberry Pi Interfacing

University Lecturer of Computer Science & Engineering with years of experience in IoT & Robotic System Development.

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