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What you will learn ?

  • Understand the real cost of replacing people
  • Clearly understand the people management factors
  • Know how to take feedback effectively
  • Identify the team members’ needs
  • Understand why teams succeed and fail
  • Know how to influence and motivate people
  • Manage and retain a talent pool
  • Know how to stimulate emotional intelligence at work


  • Professionals of all levels of an organization.


75% of people voluntarily leaving jobs don’t actually quit their jobs, they quit their bosses. Thus, ‘people management’ is a very critical issue which is uttered with a high importance yet is still not understood properly. To become a great leader a person must have good people management skills.

Course Outline:

1. People management framework
2. Leading and developing people
3. Learning needs identification
4. Team management success factors
5. Influencing and persuading people
6. People management skills
7. Effective team dynamics
8. Effective leadership

*Customized training sessions can also be developed upon customer requirement.


Mohammad Mubir
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Mohammad Mubir Mahmud Chowdhury

  • Co-Founder and Lead Consultant, Beyond Rationale; Co-Founder, Di
  • Job role and Personal Profile Analysis Customer Experience Management Net Promoter System (NPS) Lean Six Sigma methodology (continuous improvement) Proactive customer feedback mechanism Co-creation panel Key Account Management B2B sales and relationship management Direct Sales Project Management

With over 15 years of professional experience, Mr. Md. Mubir M. Chowdhury is an expert in Customer Experience Management, B2B sales, and customer relationship management, and business communications.

He is the Co-Founder & CEO of Humac Lab Ltd. which has already created award winning products. He is also a promoter of Customer Experience Management concept along with playing an anchor role in the CEM training and consultancy field of Bangladesh.

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